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What are Fundamental Geographic Data Sets (FGDS)?

The FGDS framework is a set of essential data themes which are the building blocks for planning and design of a national spatial data infrastructure. There already exist international data model standards that address many of the fundamental data topics that will be developed through large or emirate-wide projects. Because these models reflect the experiences and results of trial-and-error to many considerations by a broad group of users, they are often quite comprehensive, large and complicated. The SL NSDI Team reviewed many of these models for their applicability to the situation in Sri Lanka and crafted an overall Data Framework to meet the needs of the broader SL NSDI, inclusive of ongoing and planned emirate-wide projects. A data framework and model research report was generated previously that presents the results of this research and developed an FGDS framework for Sri Lanka. It is expected that this initial framework will be periodically updated and refined as the SL NSDI development progresses.