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Urban Development Authority

Brief Description of the organization

The UDA, is a statutorily created corporate entity under the Urban Development Authority Law, No 41 of 1978 (UDA Law), with the mandate to “promote integrated planning and implementation of economic, social and physical development” of designated urban development areas. 

Vision: Towards a planned, Sustained and Adored Urbanization

Mission: Promote Integrated Planning and implementation for the economic, social, environment and physical development of the declared urban areas.

The Urban Development Authority (UDA) is the apex agency in the urban sector with overarching authority to plan, regulate, and implement development activities in designated urban development areas. As such, the performance of UDA will be catalytic in ensuring that Sri Lanka’s urban development is systematic, equitable, and sustainable, and sets the stage for the desired transformation in the country’s economic and urban landscape.

Data contributions

Land Use, Zoning,, Building lines, building footprints

Role of SDI in their Business Process

Dissemination of the spatial data created by the UDA for its declared areas and acquisition of spatial data need for preparation of master plan for the urban areas


Name(s): Ms. Senani Somasekara, Director (GIS)

Tel : 011-2876297
Fax : 011- 2872390
Email :

Name(s): M.M.Anura Prasanna, Unit Head (Planning & Geo-Informatics)

Tel : 011-2875921
Fax : 011- 2872390
Email :