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Survey Department of Sri Lanka

Brief Description of the organization

Survey Department is the national agency conducting

  • The principal authority responsible for receiving, storing and exchanging in any form all data for the purpose of promoting the integration of surveying and mapping, geographically based information and land related information with land information system requirements;
  • Conducting cadastral surveys , statutory surveys and other surveys required for the development activities; throughout the country
  • Maintaining Parcel based LIS for the country
  • Maintaining GIS base data at different resolution for the whole country
  • Maintaining the Geodetic Control network of the country (both Horizontal & vertical )
  • National & other type of Mapping.

Data contributions

Six seamless data layers of the Topographic data set at 50K resolution for the whole country.

Some 10K and 1K sample data with 3D buildings

Role of SDI in their Business Process

  • Providing fast access to data
  • Sharing data stakeholders & General public
  • Publishing WebGIS services
  • Crowed sourcing
  • Participatory spatial data acquisitions


Name(s): Mr. W.T.M.S.B.Tennakoon (Surveyor General)
Tel : 0112368569, 0772642365
Fax : 0112369343
Email :

Tel. : 071868532, 0112368102
Fax: 0112368102

Website: +94 11 236 9011