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Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service

Brief Description of the organization


Hydrography is the branch of applied science the dealt with surveying the oceans for Safety of Navigation. The Hydrographers are responsible to measure, survey and observed the seas and produce the Nautical Charts.


In Sri Lanka, Hydrography has been an integral specialization in the Navy.   Before independence, the British Royal Navy, after independence the Ceylon Royal Navy and after 1972, Sri Lanka Navy has been the focal and leading hydrographic agency in this Island Nation. When National Hydrographic Office was established in 1984 under NARA, SL Navy was entrusted with Hydrographic Operations. 


Today, Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service (SLNHS) lead hydrographic activities in fulfilling national requirement under International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). The IHO being the world’s governing body under the UN for hydrographic affairs has published the IHO Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 (Published Nov 2020. See The Goal 2 under this, assigns the Member States to build a portal to support & promote regional and international cooperation in Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (MSDI).


Thereby, SLNHS take pleasure to be collaborated with Sri Lanka’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) under ICTA to introduce Sri Lanka’s MSDI portal. SLNHS wish to see all users & visitors to the MSDI web portal to enhance their knowledge on our maritime domain to plan, invest and further sustainable use and management of maritime space for the prosperity of this Island Nation.



Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service
Crow Island
Colombo 15

Phone: 011-7195049


Website: 011-7195049