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Road Development Authority

Road Development Authority is one of the Institutions under the Ministry of Higher Education & Highways which is the apex organization in Sri Lanka for highways sector. The Ministry is responsible for the formulation of policies and programmes covering the subjects related to Highways sector.

The Road Development Authority (RDA), incorporated as a statutory body under the Ministry of Highways by the RDA Act No.73 of 1981, became successor to the Department of Highways in 1986. Since then, the RDA has become responsible for the maintenance and upgrading the National Highway Network.

The RDA is the premier highway authority in the country and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the National Highway Network, comprising the Trunk (A Class) roads, Main (B Class) roads and Expressways and the planning, design and construction of new highways, bridges and expressways to augment the existing road network.

The National Highway Network consisted of 12,379.63 km of roads including Expressways of length 169.845 km and 4,662 bridges (span of more than 3 m) as of the end of 2016.