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Natural Resources Management Centre

Brief Description of the organization

The Natural Resources Management Centre (NRMC) is mandated to optimize the use of land and water resources on scientific basis to improve national agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. Presently rapid land use changes, un-planned land utilization, population pressure, climate change are exerting additional pressure on natural resources. Therefore, development of technologies targeting judicial utilization while conserving natural resources, particularly land and water resources are a vital task.

The NRMC conduct research and development programs covering several disciplines. Research thrust areas of the centre are soil conservation and watershed management, land suitability evaluation, land use planning, agro-meteorology and climate change, geo-informatics and remote sensing, productivity enhancement, soil and water quality assessments and on-farm water management. Main development programs include implementation of the Soil Conservation Act, maintenance of the agro-meteorological observation network of the country, technology dissemination, provision of technical assistance and services in environmental impact assessment of various development projects.

Data contributions

Spatial data related to agriculture,

Role of SDI in their Business Process

Land utilization patterns in Sri Lanka is mostly small holding and mosaic with all type of land uses and infrastructure settings. Agriculture land use planning process need to integrate with all land related agencies. Hence, data integration via data sharing and linking is very important for sustainable agriculture planning.

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