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Land Use Policy Planning Department

Brief Description of the organization

Land Use Policy Planning Department was established in 1983 as a unit of the Ministry of Lands and Mahaweli Development to introduce scientific land use planning for Sri Lanka. The division was upgraded to a department status in 2010 by timely significance of the subject and the expansion of the role.

Land use planning activities carried out by Land Use Planning officers or Development officers attached to the District and Divisional levels according to the guidance given by the Head office. All planning activities are supervised and monitored by Assistant Director (District Land use). Activities at the National level are coordinated and manipulated by Director General with the assistance given by Director (LUP), Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors of different disciplines (Agronomy, Agriculture, Sociology and Information Systems) at the Head Office.

The activities of the department mainly based on the National Land Use policy approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2007. Activities mentioned in the Extra Ordinary Gazette notification no. 1654/21 issued to establish the department in 2010 and the development priorities of the government.

Data contributions

Land Use Types in Sri Lanka

Role of SDI in their Business Process

Collection of spatial information regarding presently protected areas, additional areas recommended for protection, unutilized lands, underutilized lands and information regarding the lands that are being misused is crucial in the preparation of land use plans. These information is also important to other institutions as well. NSDI is the ultimate solution to integrate all these data and bring it all to one place.

Spatial data infrastructure can also facilitate the enhancement of the productivity of underutilized lands, ensure the rational allocation of unused lands and rectify the use of lands that are being misused. Sharing of land use and related information through a common data sharing platform is timely needed to utilize the land resource of the country in sustainable manner.


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