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Governance Structure

Governence Structure

SL NSDI Executive Authority

The SL NSDI Executive Authority comprises of two committees namely as Executive Committee and Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

Executive Committee

This committee is chaired by honorable Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and encompasses with all relevant respective cabinet members, this committee is responsible to provide guidance and direction to this programme, and is authorized in decision making in finalizing the policies and activities within the jurisdiction of the programme.

Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

This committee includes all the relevant Directors of participating agencies in the form of New Member of the Committee (or) an existing ICTA Inter-Ministerial Committee (PSC), and responsible to provide executive advisory function to support full consideration of executive matters and functions.

Functions of Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

  • Executive Stakeholder Representation and Oversight;
  • Jointly assess and make recommendations to Cabinet regarding relevant policies and regulations;
  • Overseeing coordination of geospatial investment management;
  • Voting on the adoption of SL-NSDI standards and decisions;
  • Assign responsibility internally to ensure agency compliance with SL-NSDI standards and responsibilities;
  • Assign responsibility internally to ensure agency resources are dedicated to fulfill the responsibilities of effective spatial data collection, production, and stewardship;
  • Assign responsibility internally for ensuring the communication of key national geospatial activities within the agency and with the greater SL-NSDI stakeholder community;
  • Appointing an agency technical representative and alternate to serve on the Technical Committee of the SL-NSDI;
  • Support the member agencies to ensure that the agency leverages its geospatial information investments to benefit agency-wide business processes and services.

SL NSDI Technical Committee

This committee comprises of representative members from each of the organizations actively participating in the SL NSDI, including both government and non-government bodies which includes Working Groups and Special Interest Groups

Responsibilities of SL NSDI Technical Commitee

  • To provide input and advice to the GeoCentre to carryout day to day functions
  • To provide recommendations on technical policy matter to the Executive Committee
  • Support the SL-NSDI in identifying and carrying out cross-agency coordination;
  • Lead the coordination of technical issues across the SL-NSDI community;
  • Work closely with the SL-NSDI to develop and promote common standards and interoperability guidelines, including participation in topic-focused Working Groups when needed;
  • Participate in evaluating cross-agency business processes and applications where spatial information is concerned;
  • Participate in the development and promotion of common quality assurance and quality control specifications, methods and tools;
  • Participate in SL-NSDI data clearinghouse development and operations performance monitoring and provide feedback regarding potential improvements to the SL-NSDI.